These girls are your friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, and...sorry guys...your girlfriends.

What keeps the girl next door from fucking a stranger...on a hotel room? BEING RECOGNIZED! That's where I come in.

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Claudia Unmasked | 04/30/2014


Holly's Anal Fail | 05/14/2014




Robin was a ton of fun to fuck. This 22 year old first-timer has been thinking about being in porn for a while but she wanted to be discrete about it which explains why she made her way to my door. Not only does she have a rockin tight body but this girl has to have some serious experience on the end of a cock. She gave me a perfect BJ and rode me like she owned me. Check out the members area to watch Robin cheat on her boyfriend.




Dakota isn't like most of the models on our site. She's the exact opposite of shy. This girl has porn star dreams and the skills to make it. Check out her video debut in the members area and keep your eyes peeled for more from this girl!




Claudia is one of my all time favorites. She's one of the more eager models I've ever filmed. In a fun little twist, Claudia's boyfriend encouraged her to film with me and he can't wait to see her scene! This girl doesn't disappoint on any level. Great BJ, lots of spit, and enthusiastic fucking.




Gwen is a mask girl...sort of.  When we started filming she was worried she'd be recognized so we started out shooting with the mask.  But not and hour in to the shoot while we're filming a little face fucking, Gwen says the mask isn't comfortable and takes it off!




What has happened to the youth of today? 19 year old Marie is as innocent as they come yet she finds herself here today doing unspeakable things with me! Cock sucking? Yes! Fucked and choked? Yes! Double penetrated with a big butt plug? Yes! Ass fucking? Yes! Check her out in the members area.




Phoebe is pure sex. I have to admit that during much of the shoot she was in control. When a girl is riding your cock and leans down to kiss you, you put the camera down and you fuck her my friends. You fuck her. Phoebe's got a boyfriend back home. Does he know she's spending the day getting creampied (3 times) by a stranger? Nope! I expected this girl to show up with a bag over her head but for reasons unknown to me she never put the mask on!!!




21 year old Bryn holds the record for the longest time between first contact and getting fucked for the site.  How long is that?  9 months, 18 days, 7 hours.  Good thing for her I'm a patient son of a bitch. That's a record I hope never get's broken. While this shoot represents a lot of firsts for Bryn there's a first for me in this one too... Check it out in the members area. 




Amanda is a 19 year old first time spinner with the tightest pussy I've yet to penetrate. She thinks she might want to do porn but she's so innocent and nervous I'm not sure she's cut out for it. Amanda was brave and passed on the mask because "I don't think my parents watch porn." She looks up at me periodically throughout the shoot and giggles like she's looking for confirmation that she's doing it right. If you like nervous, awkward amateurs, this update won't disappoint.


One of my all time favorites is back for round two. Since we've seen each other she's gotten a lot braver and decides to ditch the mask. Lucky for you since she's such a cute girl. Today I decided to give her the creampie challenge. How did she do? You'll have to watch to find out!



Bailey is recently single and can't think of any better way to usher in this new stage of her life than to make some porn! Not only that but she doesn't give a shit who know's it. She tells me she's a little nervous right off the bat but, honestly, I couldn't tell and neither will you. I told Bailey that I really wanted to film a creampie today and after a little bit of hesitation on her part I was filling her up!



Holly is cute as a fucking button.  I almost feel bad spoiling her it turns out...this girl knows her way around a cock.  She's one of the more enthusiastic girls I've had in a long time. As if being a cute 21 year old making her porn debut wasn't enough she was down for letting me fuck her in the ass for the first time EVER! She lets me give it a stab (hehe) but it just doesn't work out. The cute little whimpers almost made up for it.


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